What if nothing was personal

From the perspective of unity NOTHING IS PERSONAL.

Nothing that ever happened to you, has been said to you, triggered you, etc. was ever personal.

No interaction/exchange/argument/etc. was/is personal.

It is the One reflecting the One.

It is the One playing with the one.

It is the One recognizing the One.

It is the One assisting itself releasing old trauma/beliefs/emotions/etc.

It is the One helping itself to see itself more clearly.


Nothing is personal.

Every interaction/trigger/exchange/reflection is perfect and intentional.

All is serving us to come in recognition. In recognition of unity. Of Oneness.

We always have and always will be mirroring ourselves. There is no other way.

Everyone always has been a mirror for another.

What we can choose to stop is to take everything so personal. Believing that anything means anything about ourselves (and let’s be honest… in most cases this anything is “something bad, negative, hurtful…”)

Taking things personal is just one perspective.
It is a valid perspective.
But it is not a necessary perspective.

You are free to come into the recognition of unity. To see and experience yourself as a being united with everyone you meet.

You are free to step outside of your personal perspective and see what is happening from within the eyes of unity.

This does not mean that personal themes wont be played out anymore. For they serve a purpose and intention.

But you will be able to (instantly) recognize the greater purpose they serve. An intention that knows no separation.

An intention that serves the One in all its part: A unified intention.

And no matter how great the turmoil you will be able to stay grounded in unity.

As you allow yourself to hold this perspective more frequently and more permanently, it will once more become your natural state.

Unity will become so effortless for you. It will happen without a thought, without a doing and without a conscious “trying”.

It does not mean that your individuality disappears. Quite the opposite is true:

When in unity (in balance and harmony with the One and the All and the Whole) your “individual potential” will unfold in all its beauty and magnificence.

Unity does not mean that we all become the same. It means that we all beam in infinitely different and beautiful ways.

The One is infinite. Unity allows us to express this Oneness in it’s infinite and magnificent ways. Knowing that beyond and beneath these expressions all of infinity is One.

One being
in infinte expressions
recognizing itself in Unity.
As One.