And suddenly life was simple

I wake up (today).

Something has changed.

I feel different in a very unspectacular way.

What has happened?

It seems like suddenly life revealed it‘s innate simplicity to me.

Life is simple.

Always has been.
Always will.

It is so simple – you will not believe it!

Life is not spiritual. Drop your concepts. They make you believe this simplicity is somehow far away and you need to be more advanced to „get there“.

It is nothing like that.

The simplicity of life and being truly yourself will knock you of your feet. In a very simple and humbling way.

I see this for everyone.

I know we will all enter this state of being. It is so natural. After everything drops away you can do nothing else but being truly yourself in every moment.

I feel so connected to you in this simple truth. And I am stoked to be sharing more on this soon. Let’s explore together how simple it is to be yourself – to be alive – and start living your life from there.