Finding yourself barefoot

As of lately I feel like I am starting to move towards and into the calling that actually brought me here on earth.

The other day while talking to a friend this image found me. It captures the sense of this transition and transformation I am intuiting quite well.

In that image I see myself walking in these heavy big leather boots. I have been wearing them since birth. I put them on with entering this world. They were never fully comfortable or fitting. But somehow I never fully questioned them. And besides – everyone else was wearing them as well.

After some time they got broken in. They got a little wider here and a little softer there. They bacame more comfortable. I learned how to walk with them more gracefully. The pain became less. They adjusted to my way of being. Became more spacious.

The journey became more pleasant – every step feeling a little more like myself.

And I started believing I was going somewhere with this (… or with them).

Do you know the shoes I am talking about? Check your feet ???

I was even able to get new laces in my favorite color. Maybe a different one for each shoe.

What about you?

You maybe painted parts of the shoes to your liking and transformed them into something unique. Something new. Something you.

… so far so good.

But somehow there was always something about them that felt a little off. Something did just not make sense. You could not quite put your finger on it. You probably barely noticed it at first.

But then – one day – you realized that the sole of your left shoe was coming off and then the next day you noticed a hole on the front part of the right shoe.

As you kept on walking towards who you truely are – the shoes started falling apart more and more. You did not intend this to happen consciously. It just happened. It just did.

First you were tempted to get them fixed. But for some reason you never acted on that thought. For some reason the falling apart was in a way pleasant to watch. It felt good. It felt right. It felt liberating.

Life started destructing the foundation of what you knew to be true. And you kept on walking. Walking. Walking.


And everything started to make sense.

These shoes were never truely yours.

You did not come here to Earth to walk the paths of the ones before you.

You came here to create something new.

You came here to liberate yourself completely. To take of these shoes and dance freely to the melody that has been calling you from beyond this world.

You came here to create your way barefoot into a new world.

You knew this all along. Somewhere deep down this call has been ever present. Pulling you closer. Pulling you in.

No matter how much you transformed these shoes in the past – as long as you wore them they contained you. They held you to the reality they are a part of themselves.

Your full liberation lies in taking them off. Once and for all. Become a barefoot wanderer. Step into the unknown with your gentle innocent feet. Be naked and create from this space of complete freedom. In every moment.

Once you take off the shoes you will have to leave them behind. You cannot throw them on your shoulders to put them back on when gravel or bumpy roads come your way.

From now on your feet will touch mysterious grounds.

The choice has already been made a long time ago.

Enjoy the dance you were created for.

Walk with your brave heart.

And surrender to the rythm of life guiding you into your highest calling.

I love you ❤️ and your naked bare feet

Picture by atumnskyeart