Waking up to absolute perfection

Tonight I woke up at 4.30 in the most pristine clarity I have ever experienced. Everything had disappeared except for this all pervasive clarity and knowing.

Everything was perfect. So perfect. I did not really see my life but got the sense of how every little detail, every experience, every thought, every excitement and every moment of suffering was just SO perfect.

Nothing but perfection exists. Creation is nothing but a absolutely perfect joke. It makes you want to laugh and bow at all of it at the same time.

It is ridiculously beautiful. Everything is.

Everything in existence is so perfect, there is nothing to do. In fact you never did anything to begin with. Never. You never did anything.

Creation just happens. All you can do is whitness it effortlessly unfolding. THIS IS NOT A CONCEPT. THIS IS. Noone ever did anything.

It has never been so clear to me before.

So where ever you are. Know that everything is already perfect. Everything is taken care of. There is nothing to do. If anything stop doing what you are doing. Stop for a moment and become the whitness again.

In this realization everything stopped. There was no life anymore. In fact the whole journey never existed.

Only clarity was.
Only I was.
It was more real than anything I ever encountered.

If you taste the truth once – it will put everything else in perspective.

It will liberate you beyond what you thought was possible. This is beyond words. Beyond anything. Beyond.