Alle Folgen – Erleuchtung für Alle

Herzlich Willkommen bei Erleuchtung für Alle, hier findest Du eine Übersicht aller Folgen, die bisher veröffentlicht wurden. Klick Dich durch und groove Dich ein. Ich freue mich, dass Du mit uns reist. Schön, dass es Dich gibt!   🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️ Folge 2 live am 19. April um 19.30 – Das Ego sanft machen (+ Meditation) 🧘🏽‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️ Wenn […]

Das Ego hat meinen Ausweis geklaut

Gestern wollte ich das nächste Video aufnehmen. Ich habe es 10 mal probiert… es hat 10 mal „nicht geklappt“. Das Video sollte um das Ego gehen. Zeigen, was das Ego überhaupt ist, damit wir hier alle „on the same page“ sind. Und abschließend hätte ich eine kraftvolle Meditation angeleitet, die dem Ego die Macht entzieht… […]

Ankündigung Erleuchtung für Alle

Im vergangenen Jahr habe ich einen Transformations-Prozess erlebt, wie noch nie.   Einen Prozess, für den ich unendlich dankbar bin, weil er mich in gewisser Weise sprachlos gemacht hat: Im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes habe ich eigentlich keine Worte mehr für Dich.   Das ist jetzt natürlich so etwas wie ein Dilemma… was kann ich […]

You can trust yourself in this

This is a manifest for all those that feel like they are struggling. Maybe you are. But maybe you are not:   Don’t mistake your confusion for being lost. Don’t mistake your feeling vulnerable for being weak. Don’t mistake the breaking away of stability for being unstable. Don’t mistake the pain you feel for being […]

What if nothing was personal

From the perspective of unity NOTHING IS PERSONAL. Nothing that ever happened to you, has been said to you, triggered you, etc. was ever personal. No interaction/exchange/argument/etc. was/is personal. It is the One reflecting the One. It is the One playing with the one. It is the One recognizing the One. It is the One […]

And suddenly life was simple

I wake up (today). Something has changed. I feel different in a very unspectacular way. What has happened? It seems like suddenly life revealed it‘s innate simplicity to me. Life is simple. Always has been. Always will. It is so simple – you will not believe it! Life is not spiritual. Drop your concepts. They […]

Enlightenment is nothing fancy

Enlightenment is nothing fancy. Nothing difficult. And nothing special. In fact is is the most natural „thing“. Your natural state of being. It is so simple the mind does not get it. It is before mind. Easier than the simplest of thoughts. Going through life we somehow train ourselves to see only the solid and […]

Great Confusion – Complete Liberation

I always assumed that complete liberation (being in the enlightened state) would be like the happy end of a fairy tale: And I/we lived happily ever after. No more worries, fears, confusion and all of that. I thought I would exit the matrix and completely “transcend” all of that. And in some ways that is […]

Finding yourself barefoot

As of lately I feel like I am starting to move towards and into the calling that actually brought me here on earth. The other day while talking to a friend this image found me. It captures the sense of this transition and transformation I am intuiting quite well. In that image I see myself […]

Sedona in my heart

I know I have always been an innocent believer and I have been called naive and unrealistic. Today I am so grateful that in my core I never let go of this innocence. Because eventually this innocence was exactly what let me find the pathway into the truth of what we all are.   Through […]